Save Lovat Lodge Holiday Home for Elderly and Disabled

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Lovat Lodge, located in Nairn, Scotland is an accessible holiday home for elderly & disabled people and may be closing at the end of 2018. This facility provides a friendly, cosy holiday destination in the Highlands for people from all over the UK. If it closes, many people will no longer have a familiar, adapted facility to go on holiday to and the passionate, caring staff will lose their jobs.  Not only the Managers, Reception staff, kitchen staff and housekeeping, but also the musicians and tour operators employed locally to entertain the guests.  This has a knock-on effect to the community if people lose jobs and these tourists aren’t here to spend money locally.

Prices could be increased. Charitable fundraising could be looked into. I believe none of this has even been considered. At least give the people who love this place a chance to save it.

Personal story
My name is Stefanie and I’m a Social Care Worker. I have stayed at Lovat Lodge twice accompanying adults with physical and/or learning disabilities. I believe there is no other place like this, where the staff and facilities are so brilliant. For this to close without attempting to save it would be very sad indeed.