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Allow Trumbull High School students to perform "Rent"

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"This past Monday, the Trumbull High School administration has informed the theater department that we will not be able to produce our production of the school edition of RENT. We have been told that the topics it covers are too “sensitive” and “controversial” for a high school, and that now is not the right time.
However, many Trumbull High Students tend to disagree. The show does discuss themes of homosexuality, drug use, and disease such as AIDS, yet the Trumbull High Theater Program sees these themes not as a risk, but as an opportunity. Art is meant to explore the passions and struggle of our modern society. The students at Trumbull High want to make a statement saying that our generation will not discriminate against people based on sexual orientation, that drugs can ruin people’s lives as they do many of the characters and we want to make an impact on the society we live in.
Since the show was announced in August, it has created a frenzy of excitement in our halls. Kids who have never been interested in theater before were eagerly waiting for opening night. This show has brought our community so much closer before even audition week, and it is sad to see this growth stopped.
We understand that the administration believes it is doing what is best for our school; however we ask that they please reconsider this decision.
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