Truecaller, Is it safe?

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Digital world, Do you think we are ready for it? I am not blaming it, but we need to understand its consequences because of lagging security measures.

    Do you think Truecaller a safe one? I don't think so. We are letting every permissions to access our mobile while installing  app. thereby letting them to access our private details. Truecaller such one, its accessing complete contact book. Though i asked them in twitter they replied as we need contact book only to differentiate known & unknown callers.

    But we need to think why we checking truecaller, Only for unknown numbers, why we going to check known persons in truecaller. Call log alone enough for their use, but they asking Phone book, that too mandatory. Truecaller have to no reply when i asked this.

   I didn't felt any breach when they asked call log, but they asking for complete contact book, which has no need on their purpose. Its a privacy breach. When i asked in twitter they told as truecaller doesn't upload your phonebook. 

   But the thing is i checked truecaller website(Not app) with my family mobile number(dad, mom's number which is not registered in truecaller). Shocking thing is truecaller have my parent number with name as i saved in mobile. Sorry for those who didn't think this as a data theft/breach. This won't end here, from contacts then to location access and everything. Thereby complete privacy compromise.

  Not only  truecaller, lots of apps like UC browser, Shareit doing this. I appeal to Minister of Communications and Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad sir to take necessary actions on this. I request everyone to support the petition.