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Stop the consideration of Support Group work related activities.

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Ministers have announced today they are going to make people on ESA support group go to work. Included in this group are disabled, terminally ill people. 

All of us will be asked to attend work related interviews with the jobcentres. Failure to do this will result in us losing our Benefits ! Their are no exceptions. We are all being asked to work, sick, disabled and even terminally ill. How could this be even happening? 

People with long term disabilities are not exempt, no one is ! After losing our benefits we will lose council tax and housing benefits too. Which will result in many becoming homeless as well as poor and desperate. Can you imagine the impact of this happening to yourself, or a family member? The impact will be horrifying to watch let alone go through. Thousands will suffer needlessly. I am afraid of what will happen which is why l am starting this petition in the hope it will stop it before it happens. I fear for the lives of so many affected by sickness, disability and mental health conditions. 

I would ask one important question... Who do you think would employ us? We are all fighting incurable illnesses, some are mentally impaired, some are physically inpaired. Most are a liability to any company who has the compassion to employ us !!  We are a health and safety risk, the list goes on and on.  I would ask again who would employ us under these conditions?

l am sure there will be lots of councelling and help to try to get us into work, which seems to me to be a total waste of tax payers money. At the end of the day we are still disabled and unable to work! There is no magic cure to make us better. Rather the opposite, all the stress the government are putting on disabled and sick people is wrecking havoc with their already frail lives. 

I am just one of the thousands affected by this. It is now time to stand up and be counted as we are being hit hard in all directions. The most vulnerable of society are being abused      This is surely against our human rights. No one should be made to feel this way, where every day you wake up to not only your pain and medical conditions, you wake up to a world of stress, anxiety and depression. Not knowing how or when this is going to stop. 

I would ask if you feel this is wrong to add your name and comment below why you feel it is wrong. 

Someone somewhere has got to stop this, with your help we can!!

Thank you for your support 

Trudy Appleby. 








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