COVID-19 Relief in Truck Insurance

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COVID-19 crisis has resulted in unexpected financial difficulties for all Canadians in general, but it has affected the trucking industry in particular.

Transportation by trucking is the lifeline of our supply chain for food and other essentials of life.

COVID-19 has hit hard the trucking industry. It has caused more than half of the trucks standing still in yards but the fixed operating expenses for the trucking companies remains the same. Business revenue has dropped by more than 60%. The cost of masks, gloves, sanitizers, disinfectants, arrangements for employees and enhanced safety protocols for its workers and customers have added extra cost.

WHEREAS Insurance premium makes the large part of the fixed expenses and the insurance premium are the still the same while half of their trucks are parked.

The Ontario Government has enabled auto insurance companies to provide temporary insurance premium rebates to drivers during COVID-19 pandemic. The province has amended a regulation under the Insurance Act.

In view of the above we hereby DEMAND THAT:

THE INSURANCE COMPANIES SHOULD ACT AND SHOULD ACT NOW by providing the relief by cutting the insurance minimum by fifty percent, so the Trucking companies keep providing the essential services to the society during this stessful and trying time.

The minister of finance for the Government of Ontario should call auto insurance companies to reduce rates and provide relief to Ontario trucking companies and Truck drivers during these unprecedented times.

We ask for your support by signing this petition so that that supply of essential services such as food chain and other essentials of life remain intact.