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Repeal The ELD Mandate And The 14 Hour Rule

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Three of the worst federal regulations that govern the trucking industry are: 

The Electronic Logging Mandate (ELD)

The 14 Hour rule

The 30 minute Break

The ELD is a violation of American's Constitutional Rights. The 14 hour rule limits shift flexibility for the truck driver, which creates less than desirable travel conditions on America's roads. The 30 minute break is an unnecessary regulation considering that drivers routinely stop for rest breaks throughout their day. Therefore, it is problematic and stressful for drivers to follow this rule.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration received 580 million dollars in 2016 to regulate the trucking industry and they claim that these regulations will save 26 lives a year but they have not provided the information on how they came to this conclusion. The members of the trucking industry feel that these regulations were created in the interest of crony capitalism and that these regulations are having an adverse effect in regards to safety on America's roads. Nearly 25% of all fatalities in accidents that involve large trucks are truck drivers. Truck drivers have a stake in safety as much as anyone else and they should have a voice in the matter, too.

Please, sign the petition in order for our members of Congress to understand the importance of removing these heinous regulations.

We want Title 49 U.S. Code section 31137 repealed and there shall be no replacement of a similar law.
We want the repeal of 49 CFR 395 Subpart B - Electronic Logging Devices
We want the repeal of 49 CFR 395.3 (2). "14 Hour Period". We want to have shift flexibility to drive up to 11 hours before being required to take a 10 hour break, without a continuous running clock.
We want the repeal of 49 CFR 395.3 (3) (ii) Rest Breaks. We know when to take a break without being told that we are required to take one.
We want an assigned committee of truck drivers to advise the DOT, FMCSA, and all House and Senate Committees and Subcommittees. All new laws and regulations must pass through the truck driver committee before being applicable for legislation to ensure that the interest of truck drivers, owner-operators, and small fleet owners are appropriately taken into consideration for economic plausibility and safety for the members of the trucking industry and for the general public.

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Thank you and God bless.

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