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Petition for Dylan Caboche to be sacked for life from horse racing with charges.

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I was very driven to start this petition when I watched a video of 22 year old jockey, Dylan Caboche punched he’s horse in the stomach before a race in Port Lincoln on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula.

He was behind the barriers trying to steady the horse when he dismounted and punched the innocent, defenceless animal and he’s excuse for this is ‘brain fade’, ‘a temporarily inability to concentrate or think clearly’ That is a pretty pathetic excuse to me. There is NO excuse for this kind of act. I am hugely passionate for making a change to stop animal cruelty and I won’t stop until our laws for this improve and more animals are free from violence.

He has only been suspended for two weeks and I definitely do not believe this is a strict  enough punishment as Dylan should not be allowed to ride another horse again due to this horrific act of violence against what is, an innocent animal who can not defend itself.

My question is what has Dylan done to these horses previously before it had been caught on camera? It is very fortunate that he has been caught, and now it is time for action to be taken place. He is a danger to animals, and an embarrassment and disgrace to horse racing community. 

The penalty for abuse against a child should be the same penalty for an animal. Both, innocent and unable to defend them self. 

Horses are beautiful animals, like any other animal who feel emotions just like any human. They need our most respect, and love, they should never be treated as slaves or violently tortured. As a huge animal lover I can’t justify how anyone could purposely lay a hand on any animal, nor do I agree with horse racing as a sport as I see it as animal cruelty in itself. Horses are injured and pass away because of this horrible ‘sport’. Seeing footage of this so called ‘man’ hurt this horse has affected me emotionally and I’m sure it has for many others. Please think of these horses safety and stop animal cruelty.



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