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Please Cancel Your SeaWorld Performance

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Trisha Yearwood is scheduled to perform at SeaWorld in Orlando on February 22, 2014. We are asking Trisha to watch Blackfish The Movie and CANCEL her SeaWorld show. Willie Nelson, Heart and Barenaked Ladies have already canceled shows due to their feelings about the treatment of animals in the care of SeaWorld. Please tell Trisha Yearwood that you do not support SeaWorld's animal cruelty and you do not want her to either.

SeaWorld Orlando is where Tilikum, the Ocra, lives. He was kidnapped and ripped from his family in November of 1983. Tilikum has been abused to the point that his frustrations have caused him to attack and kill three humans, including SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau in Orlando. Captive Orcas are forced to perform for food and live in tiny concrete swimming pools!

Please join in politely asking Trisha Yearwood to CANCEL her performance at SeaWorld. 

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