Stop Trip Advisor actively endorsing Animal suffering!

Stop Trip Advisor actively endorsing Animal suffering!

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Victoria Edwards started this petition to Trip Advisor should only endorse establishments that proritise animal welfare! and

Trip Advisor is a brilliant platform for people to find awesome holidays and experiences. 

However, they continue to endorse; and in some cases grant Trip Advisor AWARDS to some animal parks, zoos and “sanctuaries” that do not meet the minimal basic standards for animal welfare Worldwide!

These establishments (endorsed by Trip Advisor) do not meet the credentials of AZA, WAZA, EAZA, BIAZA or any other governing body that promotes a basic minimum animal husbandry and welfare standard!!! 

By advertising and granting awards for establishments that endorse and encourage animal abuse and cruelty, Trip Advisor is actively luring the visiting public into a false sense of “helping” conservation; whilst actively teaching people (the employees of said establishments) how things shouldn’t be done!  

That lion cub you just petted; stolen from its mother at (or shortly after) birth. As acknowledged by the keepers! 

That elephant you just rode has been chained up for most of the day and beaten with bull hooks! As acknowledged by the keepers!

That tiger on a chain and collar has been drugged so you can sit next to it and take a selfie! Denied by many keepers; but acknowledged by the statements of too many visitors for it not to be true! 

That monkey/ape you just cuddled was torn from his mother’s lifeless body after she was shot in the wild!

That whale that’s splashing you with his tail would much rather be wild in the ocean with its family for 80 years; not in a tank for 10! 

The list is endless! 

This IS misleading to the people that put their trust in Trip Advisor (and similar platforms) to best advise them on their travel / eco-travel choices. 

In a world where every life of each and every species is threatened; this is very much a “for profit” stance on animal welfare from Trip Advisor. 

Endorsement of establishments that are genuinely in the industry for in-situ AND ex-situ conservation is a must!!!

We (the people) TRUST you (Trip Advisor) to direct us appropriately. At the moment you are failing in this task! 

Example: The Safari Park Open Zoo in Kanchanaburi has received two awards from Trip Advisor in recent years. Most recent being 2017. Despite the reviews of utter despair from visitors that (thankfully) actually know what they’re looking at. Exploitation and abuse of animals at the extreme! 

Trip Advisor must accept responsibility for actively endorsing these establishments, stop advertising those that are just in the industry for a profit and endeavour to promote the credible conservation based sanctuaries that actively participate in education, research and conservation for the wild counterparts of the captive species! 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!