End Trinity University's Contract with Aramark

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In early 2018, in an email sent to the Trinity University student body by the Vice President for Finance Administration Gary Logn, Trinity University announced that they decided to renew its contract with Aramark "unanimously". Students were dismayed for reasons that extended beyond food quality. 

Aramark has over the years, faced serious ethical allegations for gross misconduct and poor working conditions. In addition to providing subpar food to universities, Aramark also provides food for more than 500 prisons across the country. Since its involvement with the prison system, Aramark has had numerous of complaints of maggots, sexual harassment, drug trafficking, and employee misconduct. Aramark exploits the fact that for-profit prisons are willing to do anything to cut costs, and violate the human rights of prisoners by serving them near unedible food.

Trinity University recently released a statement in the wake of George Floyd. Dean of Students David Tuttle explicitly wrote "In the great tradition of our liberal arts campus, we commit to thinking and sharing deeply on the structural inequities and injustices facing our fellow Black Americans, and we commit to acting meaningfully." If that were actually true - how could Trinity University continue a contract with a company that takes works with for-profit prisons to violate mostly BIPOC inmates?

Therefore I and the signers of this petition are calling upon Trinity University to end its relationship with Aramark. 

For more information on the prison industrial complex and Aramark's contribution please click here to watch 13th, a Netflix film by Ava DuVernay.