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Revoke her license

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She should NOT be a vet, this woman kills animals and only cares about the money. She has killed two of our dogs within a 6 week time period. Our first baby was set to have surgery and after the 24 hour period after the surgery (they HAVE to keep your animals during), she all of a sudden died! 10 minutes before I was to go pick her up they called stating she had died. We have found out no one stays with the animals during this 24 hour period during the night after we were told over and over there would be someone there if anything was to go wrong. She insisted she knew how to do the surgery and had done it multiptle times yet our dog suddenly "collapsed" and died and she has absolutely no answers. We took this as a horrible accident that was maybe internal that no one could see NOTE: She was only 4 years old and we were told she was perfectly fine after surgery and did great while under for the surgery. The next time we go to the vet was 6 weeks later for our 1 and a half year old dog that had a rash. We figured it was because of the grass being mowed as it was quite high. We brought her in on Friday, Dr. Chevalier told us it was an allergic reaction along with an infection because of that and also a fever. She gave her a steriod shot and put her on Clavamox for the infection along with telling us to use Cetaphyl to bathe her in. At 11:00 AM Saturday I gave her the first round of Clavamox at 3:00 she had a seizure and died. Come to find out the dosage of the Clavamox was for a bigger dog-our dog only weighed 6 lbs. Long story short she overdosed. The "vet" should know what size of dosage to give a small dog. After this we did research looking for any other stories from people that had the same horror story happen. We found a good 60 some terrible stories from former employees and patients stating how she mutitilated their dogs during surgeries or just killed them from carelessness. Employees have stated how they've heard her saying she would make up an illness just to get more money out of the patient. I will pay any amount of money for my animals to be fixed but to lie about an illness so she can get more money is ridiculous. You are supposed to be able to trust your vet with your animals lives and well being. I am filing a complaint to the West Virginia Board of Veterinary Medicine if anyone has had the same thing happen to them please do the same. This is the only way to do something about this and I'd like to get the word out to put an end to this. 

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