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The unsanitary and inhumane conditions of the animals and their environments is not an act of humanity - but a crime against nature.  The Surabaya City Zoo needs to take on responsibility for the countless deaths of innocent lives, and the inhumane treatment that these living beings are subjected to on a daily basis.  They need to do what is right and permit these animals to have a better life and future then what they are giving them - to stop the inhumanity and develop compassion - therefore allowing these animals to be placed in a more humane and natural environment instead of suffering and dying in such horrific and barbaric manners that taint the image of humanity.  The World needs to RAISE THEIR PAWS in speaking out and taking action to save innocent life, and not ignore the truth that is destroying and claiming the lives of these animals.

Letter to
Walikota Kota Surabaya Tri Rismaharini
Mayor of Surabaya Tri Rismaharini
Chairman of Indonesia's National Zoo Association H.Rahmat - Shah
We the world are raising our paws united in hopes that you will hear our pleas and cries to help fight against the inhumane and unsanitary conditions and environment of the Surabaya City Zoo – issues that are not only claiming the lives of innocent animals, but subjecting them to suffering and anguish.
The care and compassion of living life falls upon the hands of humanity – a care and compassion that this zoo has failed to achieve & maintain, due to the countless deaths and sicknesses of their animals. It is the responsibility of the Surabaya City Zoo to fulfill these needs of their captive animals, to treat them with respect and life – not to permit and allow these living beings to live in pain and suffering, due to inadequate care, residing in environments that are unsanitary, creating unspeakable pain which will eventually lead to the deaths of all the animals present.
You must open your heart and see the truth that is being presented, a truth that has been permitted to continue without any efforts of doing something about it and saving the lives of these defenceless animals. These living beings need not only help and assistance from the world, but from you as well, considering that you have done so much good for the City of Surabaya, and it is time for you to hear and acknowledge the world and animal cries of mercy, and do what is right to protect them from the life and fate that they are being forced to live.
Your voice and power is needed today, to unite with the hearts of many that are breaking due to the issues at hand concerning the Surabaya City Zoo, and end the agonising pain and suffering of these animals & offer your help and aid so that these lives have a chance to live the way that they are meant to and not as captives of inhumanity.
This treatment should be an eye opener for not only the world but for your country as well - to take measures in preventing any more deaths of innocent lives and using your power to shut down the Surabaya City Zoo.

We are begging that you hear our words and voices and do what is right – for not only the animals but for the hope of humanity as well.

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