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Treyarch has slapped its fans in the face by not listening to them. Instead of getting back Nuketown 24/7, we receive a section called "Bonus". More like "BOGUS" In the 6 matches that I sat through, Nuketown showed up once. This is not what I or any other loyal CALL OF DUTY fan paid for. Please give back Nuketown 24/7-365. Otherwise this will be the last Treyarch game many of us purchase.

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Nuketown 24/7, NOT CHAOS MOSHPIT

Instead of giving the people what they have been asking for you force us into playing maps that we have no interest in playing. When we said Nuketown 24/7. WE MEANT IT. Now please give us Nuketown 24/7 or we will be boycotting all future DLC for Treyarch products.