Trey's Trades and other AMC stock "pumpers" on social media should be IGNORED.

Trey's Trades and other AMC stock "pumpers" on social media should be IGNORED.

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It's January 2021 — nearly a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Reserve stimulus (aka "cocaine") is hitting on all cylinders, and the stock market is booming. Along comes Gamestop — and the rest, they say, is history.

Unless you're an AMC "ape," in which case in March 2022 you're still bombarded daily with super bullish propaganda and endless promises of a massive and imminent short squeeze, aka the "MOASS" ("mother of all short squeezes") on social media, particularly by charlatans on YouTube.

There, snake oil peddlers like Trey's Trades, Matt Kohrs, Short the Vix, The Creative Investor, Lou vs. Wall Street, ReviewDork, The Masked Investor, Finance News, Benjie, Shortsqueeze Channel, New York Angelo, and dozens more promote on a daily basis inaccurate and downright fraudulent information regarding AMC Entertainment stock (NYSE: AMC), prompting uninformed retail investors to continue to buy AMC stock in anticipation of a massive short squeeze.

And in what can only be described as a classic "get rich quick" scam, hordes of retail investors have bought in to the illusion (and collusion) of attempting to effect a short squeeze on this equity. 

In reality, AMC stock squeezed from around $2 to over $72 in 2021 (over 3400%!) and influencers like Trey's Trades and Matt Kohrs (and others) cashed in to the tune of millions of dollars in stock sales, option trades, SuperChats, and channel/Patreon memberships.

Predictably, most rank-and-file retail investors were late to the party and bought in at unnaturally high price levels after the June 2021 short squeeze; so in an attempt to continue the hype (and keep the cash flowing to them), five of the biggest influencers (the "Kansas Five" - Trey Collins, ReviewDork, Short the Vix, The Masked Investor, and Rogue the Legacy) met up in a random solarium in Kansas to deliver a unified plea: "trust us, bro — the DD is done."

The DD is never done. There is always more to learn, to know, and experience. Yet these "influencers" continue to promote the same stale, fraudulent narrative on social media in order to keep themselves relevant - and their advertising and channel membership revenue flowing in. It's time to take a stance against this blatant fraud and hold them accountable for the millions of dollars lost by retail investors who invested in AMC stock after listening to their "non-financial advice!"


Ideally, YouTube should review and remove content that contains egregious misinformation regarding AMC stock and other equities when it is determined that such content:

  • constitutes intentionally misleading and incorrect and fraudulent financial information
  • exists primarily NOT to entertain or educate, but to drive advertising revenue to the influencers and pump the value of a targeted stock for the benefit of said influencers
  • promulgates conspiracy theories, false beliefs, and incorrect assumptions among of a group of mostly young, inexperienced retail investors
  • exploits the vulnerability of retail investors during the COVID-19 pandemic

It is WRONG to play on the HOPES and DREAMS of everyday RETAIL INVESTORS by selling them a fake "get rich quick" narrative.

AMC Entertainment stock pumpers MUST be held accountable for their endless stream of misinformation, manipulation of investor sentiment, and for netting MILLIONS of dollars collectively at the expense of uninformed retail investors.


Thank you for supporting independent retail investors!

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