Let Trent University know that their courseloads for this year are too much for students

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This petition is to let Trent University know that the course loads we are getting are ludicrous. There is no time to go over the material of each course because there is so much material and assignments we are being given from each course, meaning there are not enough hours in a day to go over everything, let alone attend lectures, labs, etc. Therefore, us students cannot study properly to obtain the grades we want! Also, some students have jobs and extracurriculars. This means even LESS time to do our schoolwork. Lastly, the mental health of many students is declining, because with everything on our plate, we do not have adequate time to sleep (as going to bed after studying until 4am only to wake up at 8am is not sufficient enough for sleep). Also, it means that there is no time to destress (like free time) to properly decompress. Due to the pandemic, stress and emotions are high, and the current curriculum is doing nothing to help the health and well-being of students. Trent University, the students are holding you accountable for a lack of planning of the school curriculum this year. We would like for you to consider decreasing course loads to let us study properly, and get our jobs done, as well as to allow us time for our jobs, extracurriculars, and mental/physical health care. Thank you.