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Trees and Shrubs that bear fruit and nuts to be considered by Parks and Rec. Dept.

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The City of Pickering is reviewing its Recreation and Parks Master Plan. The decisions made now will affect how this department handles any maintenance and creation of new parks within Pickering for the next 20 years.

Through discussion with City staff over the last couple of years I have come to understand that no directive, mandate or possible desire by them, exists to populate the parks of Pickering with Trees and Shrubs that bear edible fruit and nuts.

This petition is only asking that Recreation and Parks consider the planting of trees and shrubs that bear fruits and nuts. I’d ask that when designing the layout of parks, they work closely with the city’s arborist to provide proper placement, considering companion planting, spacing and maintenance.

These trees and shrubs planted would not be cared for any more or less then other trees and shrubs. The idea is to provide a natural environment for these trees and shrubs to grow, not to cultivate marketable produce. These trees and shrubs would serve as excellent pollinators throughout the city and maybe a bit of fresh fruit for those who are adventuresome enough to consume the produce grown.

A sustainable environment can be created by Recreation and Parks that leads to little maintenance but provides for an excellent habitat for park wildlife. Readers of this petition should look into the term “Permaculture” and “Food Forest” to get a rough idea. Again, this is not to support marketable product, no pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or other to be used on these plants.

Please provide support for this simple petition. In doing so, you will identify to the city that people do wish to have the Recreation and Parks department consider trees and shrubs that produce fruit and nuts. Nothing more… Just to have them consider this as an option.

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