Establish a Fenced Area for Dogs in Wilson Farm park, Chesterbrook, PA.

Establish a Fenced Area for Dogs in Wilson Farm park, Chesterbrook, PA.

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Tredyffrin Township

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Started by huizi Zhang

We the undersigned would like to request the Tredyffrin Township to help establish a fenced area for dogs to play in an unleashed manner inside of the Wilson farm park located at  500 Lee Road, Chesterbrook, PA 19087.

Wilson farm park has been an invaluable place to many Tredyffrin residents who enjoy outdoor activities. This 90-acre park has 3 pavilions, Baseball/softball fields, multipurpose fields, tournament fields, basketball/ sand volleyball courts, an all-abilities tot lot, 3 other totlots, picnic areas, restrooms, amphitheater, etc.

Disappointedly, there is not a designated fenced area for dog owners to put their dogs inside so that their dogs can play freely without being leashed. There is an area inside of this park that is currently not used for any other purposes and are primarily covered with weeds.  Please see the map below for this unused area highlighted by a blue oval shape. We the undersigned believe this area would be put to great community use by constructing a fenced area there for dogs to play freely inside it for the following reasons:

1)   It would be a such a blessing to the dog owners who walk their dogs in this park as most dogs would benefit greatly from exercises like running and playing with other dogs. Such exercises help contributing positively to the physical and mental wellbeing of dogs.

2)   Under reasonable assumption, with the availability of a fenced area for dogs to play, most dog owners would prefer to walk their dog inside of that fenced area. If so, there are two benefits for non dog owners who use Wilson Farm park.

a.   It would reduce the anxiety for people who dislike or even fear meeting dogs when they are walking or jogging or playing with their kids inside the park, because they will see less dogs sharing the road/lawn and they will have a more enjoyable experience in the park.

b.   It would reduce the dog poop left behind by irresponsible dog owners in random places throughout the park. With more traffic to the fenced area by dogs, left-behind dog poops would be more likely to concentrate to that area and therefore more manageable. In addition, with many other dog owners inside of the same fenced area, it would make it more likely for dog-owners to pick up after their dogs, even reluctantly, due to peer-pressure.

Thanks for your consideration. We believe this fenced area would have very positive impact on dogs, on dog owners as well as non-dog owners who use the park regularly.


256 have signed. Let’s get to 500!