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This petition has been created with the full support of Justyna Kowalska, coordinator of Stop Skaryszew Horse Market, Poland.

Background information.

Wstępy – Skaryszew.
The Horse Market is an event with hundreds year old tradition which is based on the privilege to organize horse market in Skaryszew given to the city by The King Władysław the IV in 1633.
Traders and butchers of the whole Poland come there every year. Traders and butchers from foreign slaughterhouses come as well (mainly from Italy).
During the Horse Market, which is organized once in a year fortunately on the first Monday of Lent, no one fasts.
On Sunday already, preparations are in a full swing – for the First Monday of Lent – fat dishes are prepared – fat sausages, bacon, bigos (traditional polish dish) and lard so mob could eat away the taste of it. The fat drips on traders’ chins and sea of vodka is everywhere and everything is to the rhythm of folk music! There is nothing like Lent in the most Catholic country in the world.

Sales of horses accompanied by aseries of cultural events, showing the heritage and traditions of the region, swish of whips, patter of the hooves. Horses know exactly that their days are numbered.
The date of the event (First Monday of the Lent), place (horse market is situated on the streets of the town so young lads can see cultivated in our nation tradition of drinking vodka, gluttony, and so called ‘ love’ for animals) left out of tradition.
Nothing left out of the respect for horses who have been the pride of this country since ages. Nowadays, horses are calculated in kilograms in Skaryszew unfortunately…

Usually, there are about 1000 – 1500 horses are exhibited to the slaughterhouses and about 10.000 people involved in this event. Most of them are drunk, not enough to mention the children watching the hell organized by humans to these beautiful, proud and wise animals.
“Wstępy” (it is a regional term for horse market) are 'the proud of Skaryszew' – it is the biggest in Poland and surely in Europe annual hell for horses.


The long distance goal is to legitimize horses as pet animals (companion animals), and the same abolition of treating horses as animal slaughter.
For this purpose we have created this petition on the ban on killing polish horses for slaughter:

The will of the Polish Nation, we demand:
- provision in the Act according to Animals – “a horse is a pet animal accompanying human being”
- absolute prohibition on breeding of horses for slaughter
- absolute prohibition on killing horses in polish slaughterhouses
- absolute prohibition on transportation of horses from Poland to foreign slaughterhouses.

For more information, please visit:

Letter to
Treasurer of the Municipal Council Marzena M. Bienias
Secretary Yvonne M. Kilianek
The Deputy Mayor Eng. Joseph Pawlak
and 2 others
City Council President - Ursula M. Gowin The Municipal Council in Skaryszew
Treasurer of the Municipal Council Mayor of Skaryszew Mayor MSc. Irenaeus Kumięga
Petition against Polish exports and killing horses for meat.

In 2011 we were present at the horse market in Skaryszew. We saw horses mass stuffed in trailers at night and during the day we saw drunk horse-sellers treating animals worse than an object.

We were looking into horses’ eyes who were sent in lasting few days terrible journey to slaughterhouses and death waiting for them at the end, is only release for them…

So we are asking you to put an end to this market, this act of barbarians.
Animals give their lives for humans and they deserve at least some respect and dignity!

So therefor we, the undersigned, demand the following:

1. Write the law on animal rights: „the horse is animal to, accompanying the person”,
2. The absolute ban on:
o rearing of horses for slaughter,
o the killing of horses in Polish slaughterhouses,
o transportation of horses from Poland to foreign slaughterhouses.

We hope you will take our demands in consideration and thank you for your time reading.