Traverse City, Award Recreational Marijuana Licenses or our Businesses Will Fail.

Traverse City, Award Recreational Marijuana Licenses or our Businesses Will Fail.

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Why this petition matters

We, the Traverse City Cannabis Coalition, stand united against our city's illegal approach to recreational marijuana policy. 

TC is the only place in Michigan that won't let its existing medical cannabis retailers also sell recreational products. 

That is a death sentence. Without recreational licenses, our businesses will likely start to fail by Summer 2021. 80-90% of all marijuana sales are made in the recreational space and we cannot survive on medical sales alone. 

We are 10 local cannabis businesses who have collectively invested $20 million into our businesses while hiring 120+ people for good-paying, in-demand jobs

Every day, each store turns away 50-100 customers looking for safe, adult-use products.

We are urging City Council to follow every other city in Michigan and allow all of its existing medical cannabis stores to serve the recreational market. This industry has so much potential and could impact the whole city in a positive way. 

City council's indefinite delay on awarding licensure is denying the entire community hundreds of thousands of dollars in recreational tax revenues that could be used to improve the city. 

For example, on March 5th 2021, Traverse City would have cashed in on $336,000 in tax revenues if they had awarded their businesses a license to sell adult-use products.

That money could have been used on our schools, roads, and shorelines. 

If TC gives every business a recreational license, they can also expect big pay days from inspection fees, excise taxes, and tax revenues. 

If the City of Traverse City does not act now, it risks driving its visitors and their dollars outside of the City. Worse, we risk leaving tax revenue monies on the table not delivering on the world-class hospitality we are famous for.

Please, Traverse City, #LetUsSell.

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354 have signed. Let’s get to 500!