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Travelodge Hotel: Cancel African Trophy Hunting Expo

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The Travelodge Hotel Saskatoon has booked an African hunting expo January 23rd/24th, which promotes the cruel and unethical trophy hunting of animals on hunting safaris. Organized by African Hunting Gazette and African Events Canada, the expo will connect Canadian hunters with African hunting safari outfitters.

The death of Cecil the Lion at the hands of a trophy hunter last summer sparked international outrage. It's disturbing that mere months later, the Travelodge Hotel would book an expo celebrating the slaughter of countless “Cecils” and other wild animals.

Trophy hunters pay to gun down exotic animals, including elephants, rhinos, hippos, leopards, cheetahs, lions, giraffes, and zebras, with the intention of keeping a souvenir for bragging rights.

Many animals targeted for sport in Africa are listed by CITES as endangered or threatened due to poaching, habitat loss, and hunting, yet international law still allows hunters to brutally kill them every year.
The weak legal regime has left it up to companies around the world to step up in opposition to the cruel trophy hunting industry, including international airlines that have refused to transport animal trophies from Africa.

Airline Hotels, owner of the Travelodge Saskatoon Hotel, touts its commitment to respect and integrity, yet their support of the unethical, exploitative, cruel and unsustainable trophy hunting industry flies in the face of these values.

It's time for Travelodge Hotel and parent company, Airline Hotels, to live up to their self-proclaimed values and to align with the 91% of Canadians who oppose sport hunting by cancelling their booking of the African Hunting Events expo.

Please call on the Travelodge Hotel to cancel the expo and help protect African animals!

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