TSA: Disclose Period Product Search Protocol to Travelers

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The TSA is well-aware that wearing certain period products can prompt searches during standard airport security procedures, including intrusive full body pat-downs. However, the public has not been properly informed of this potential invasion to their privacy. 

Security searches are highly invasive, and menstruating while flying is far too common of an experience to prompt this kind of uncomfortable engagement without any warning. 

The searches inflicted upon people wearing period products through airport security were first brought to our attention by our member group, The Uterati: a place where people share period stories that they previously thought were too taboo to talk about. The lack of transparency around this TSA protocol is a civil rights issue, and we are determined to better inform passengers as well as demand changes to the current security procedure. 

We are asking the TSA to:

  1. Share period product information on their website and in airport security lines as an expected trigger. We all know what to do with our shoes, belts, toiletries and other common triggers at security – we should be able to be similarly prepared when we have our period. 
  2. Invest in advanced training for their staff on how to recognize a period product, and how to properly conduct a respectful search should one be necessary. TSA staffers can only support menstruating travelers if they’re empowered with the tools to do so. 
  3. Meet directly with members of the Flex team and our partners to discuss further steps the TSA can take to mitigate this issue. We are asking the TSA to meet with us for a productive conversation about who is being left behind in security lines, and what changes can be made.

We are dedicated to helping all people have a happy and safe period; going to the airport should not jeopardize this. Join us in demanding that period products should not be treated as a security risk! 

- The Flex Company