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Is OLA really helping people or fooling them by peak time and travel time charges?

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This petition is against OLA cab service. Please update your Booking ID wherever you felt you're charged extra in comment while signing petition as OLA wants to validate the booking IDs.

When there was monopoly of auto-rickshaw drivers and private cab owners, OLA and other such small enterprises were introduced to give people relief and it was a very good initiative and was encouraged big time and small cities are eagerly expecting such cab services but question is are they really helping now or they are charging whatever they want!

Ola has below pricing chart for Bangalore city:

We would like to know who verified this chart and has it been passed from Transport Ministry or just OLA put some numbers whatever they felt?

For ride within a city there prices are justifiable but what about Airport fare chart. Few concerns regarding OLA cab pricing chart:

1. Why do they charge for travel time?

Solution: There should always be single unit for charging. Either they should charge per kilometer or per minute basis. Charging for both is unfair. Tomorrow they can charge for route basis, not at all accepted.

2. This is especially for Airport pricing chart, they have base fare of 500/- INR for 1st 30 kilometer. My question is what if a person's home is within 30 km. radius from Airport?

Solution: When a person's destination is within 30 km. radius from Airport, below solutions will help:

a. Ola should discourage the customer for booking cab or they should simply not accept the booking request.

b. They should not charge base fare (499/- INR) instead they should charge per km basis.

3. Who introduced this new concept of "Peak time charges" and how does it really work/help?

Solution: Peak time charge is a fake concept and it never help the passenger but OLA's revenue. It should simply be discarded.

Explaining How and Why: According to OLA, peak time charge will be incurred in order to meet the requirement and provide the cab for ease when there is a high requirement (Such as Friday evenings or just before the start of long weekend) but when there is no cab around, OLA App simply shows "There is no cab nearby, please try after sometime" so it is not helping in deed but when you have 2-3 cabs around you (It shows in map) and you try to book, OLA app asks you to pay X.X times extra but why we should be charged when OLA app is already showing cabs nearby? Right way should be first come first serve basis Or they have some algorithm to prioritize customer and charge them saying peak time?

4. Why do OLA have separate Airport Pricing Chart?

What does it take extra from OLA to pick-up and drop to Airport other than Toll. As per my knowledge there is no special permit require to go to/from Airport except the Airport Toll which we are ready to pay.

Solution: Ola should have single fare chart for the city and if there comes any Toll or parking, passenger should pay for it or they can include it in invoice. Also they are charging 13 Rs/Km for any hatchback car from Airport whereas for the same car within city they are charging 6 or 8 Rs./Km. Do OLA have some grudge against Airport?


I am requesting Transport Minister of Karnataka and India to please monitor private cabs pricing chart and make them uniform.


Thanks in advance.

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