Let's bring Fullers into line


Let's bring Fullers into line

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Chris Darby started this petition to Transport Minister Hon Phil Twyford

Let’s bring Fullers into line

The Devonport and Waiheke ferry services are subject to unexplained delays and cancellations, with notifications often sent after the event. They are the only part of the Auckland public transport network exempt from transport regulator oversight, which ensures competitive tendering and prescribed levels of service.

These ‘exempt services’ are currently privately operated and overseen exclusively by Fullers 360. The services are also not integrated into the wider network fare structure, disadvantaging users.

We wish to make the Devonport and Waiheke services contracted provisions under the Land Transport Management Act 2003, to ensure fare structure integration and consistent levels of service with Auckland Transport oversight. These mechanisms are otherwise known as the Public Transport Operating Model (PTOM).

Making Fullers exempt from PTOM contracting provisions was a government decision in 2012 that was strongly opposed by Auckland Council and Auckland Transport. The decision followed successful lobbying from Fullers 360.

Services contracted under PTOM are integral to the core public transport network and therefore have oversight from the statutory transport authority. The Devonport and Waiheke services are identified in the Auckland Regional Public Transport Plan (2018) as integral to the public transport network.

These lifeline ferry services are vital to Auckland’s shift to an integrated multi-modal public transport network. Unlike other core public transport operators, Fullers 360 can currently choose which services it provides based on profitability rather than the needs of public transport users. Therefore, we are missing the opportunity to integrate them into our future plans.

Join us in calling upon Transport Minister Hon Phil Twyford to remedy this issue by removing Fullers' 'exempt service' advantage.

Sign and share this petition to make the Devonport and Waiheke ferry services integral to the wider public transport network, with prescribed levels of service.

Chris Darby
Auckland councillor | North Shore ward
Chair I Planning Committee

Richard Hills
Councillor | North Shore ward
Deputy chair I Planning Committee


This petition made change with 5,561 supporters!

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