Make it a 40kph school zone at the St Spyridon College Senior School

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Each day, some students from St Spyridon College cross the street to catch a public bus, which takes them home. I am one of those students. There is only one problem; it is not a 40 zone on the other side of Anzac Parade (school side is). Beacause of this, school kids such as me have to run across the road trying not to get run over. We must find a gap between cars That are going very fast and run when we can. The problem with this, if one of the school students falls over, we will not get up in time and quite possibly, get run over. But, before this happens, let's make it a 40kmh zone on the other side of St Spyridon College Senior school, making it safer for everyone. I don't want anything to happen to me or my peers so please, make it a 40 zone. 

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