Oughterard Urgently needs Footbridge

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Oughterard urgently needs safe pedestrian access to schools and sporting clubs as well as several housing estates over the Owenriff river. 

Currently children are put in danger daily by being forced to cross a very narrow bridge with no footpaths alongside two way traffic on the main Galway to Clifden N59 route. At peak times there are only inches between the children and the passing traffic and on such a busy route it is only a matter of time before a child is injured, or a fatal accident is caused.

The bridge is used daily by over 600 pupils from the local national and secondary schools as well as by all members of the local Rugby and Soccer clubs whose training grounds are accessed by the bridge not forgetting the many residents of three of the larger housing estates in the area. 

Money has been allocated by the council for use in 2019. However, it is agreed that the allocated sum of €250,000 may not be enough to complete the project.

We, the people of Oughterard are calling on the TII to engage fully with the Galway Co Co to ensure the timely delivery of this project as a matter of urgency.