Don't remove the 607x and other essential bus services to the North West of Sydney

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I expected the new Sydney Metro line to be a game changer for me but instead it set me back 15 to 20 minutes each way every day. Parking at Tallawong is already at capacity and it's quite  a distance to the platform. By 730AM the car park is virtually  full or has no space for people  with family sized cars. The changeover at Chatswood is also very inefficent with wait times adding to the commute.

I switched back to the 607x and have been very happy with my commute but now I hear they are cutting it from Rouse Hill and only running it from Bella Vista with commuters expected to catch a separate  bus then change at Bella Vista to board  the 607x. This is one of many service adjustments announced that are extremely unsatisfactory -

I believe these service adjustments are unnecessary and will only cause extra commute times, add to transport costs and commuter stress. I petition Transport NSW to reconsider making these changes. 

I am certain that I am not the only person  to be adversely  impacted  by the  proposed changes. There doesn't seem to have been any community consultation  regarding  these changes. The Sydney  Metro does not adequately meet the needs of the people of the North West  please don't cut the services like the 607x that do.