Stop the ULEZ Expansion to include the whole of Greater London by 2023

Stop the ULEZ Expansion to include the whole of Greater London by 2023

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Started by Peter Frost

This petition is to stop the expansion of the ULEZ Zone to include the whole of Greater London BY 2023 and include ALL LONDON BOROUGHS most of which are just on the edge of the M25. The DAILY CHARGE to drive your vehicle if it does not comply to the emissions standards will be £12.50 PER DAY!

For your vehicle to comply with the emissions standards it would need to be 2003 approx or newer for a petrol car. 2015 onwards for a diesel car and 2016 onwards for a diesel van. Which as you can see includes some vehicles which really are not OLD !

The Ultra Low Emissions Zone has already been extended in 2022 to include upto the North and South Circular roads. This has come at a time when everyone has already been hit hard by Covid which brought some really hard times for everyone including financial difficulties.

People had little to no time to prepare for this as it was already rolled out sooner than we was first told. There was no thought for anyone after Covid had hit everyone really hard! 

Now just over 4 months after the first zone has been put in. Sadiq Khan plans to extend this Zone even further to include ALL GREATER LONDON BOROUGHS by 2023 ! This is a stealth tax on people who can afford it the least. Small businesses, Tradesmen, Charities, Youth Clubs & Private individuals who are on a low income or retired with no income. 

This is a terrible time to put this on London everyone has come through a very hard time and the economy has already taken a huge hit. Small businesses will shut down as they can't afford to upgrade their fleets of vehicles. London will become a ghost town very fast. 

We understand that air quality is of importance but vehicles are cleaner than they have ever been and none of the money being generated is being given to worth while causes it is all going to pay off TFLs debt.

If this was really about air quality they would ban the vehicles from the road full stop. However we are free to line the pockets of TFL and still pollute with our so called OLDER vehicles in the same way.

Please sign and share this petition as much as possible and help us make a change. This is your chance to be heard and make your opinion count. 

21,332 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!