Help reduce traffic on Bath Street to prevent children from toxic air pollution

Help reduce traffic on Bath Street to prevent children from toxic air pollution

9 July 2021
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Why this petition matters

As a result of major construction works on Old St roundabout initiated by TfL and Islington Council, traffic through previously quiet residential streets has increased exponentially, with a constant stream of vehicles now cutting through Bath St and down Peerless St.

Bath Street has St Luke's Primary School and the Children's Eye Hospital is located on Peerless Street.

Given Bunhill is the ward with highest pollution levels and lowest car ownership in the borough, the increased traffic generates pollution, noise and danger of accidents outside both the Primary School and Children’s Eye Hospital.

A number of scientific studies have shown a link between air pollution and children having smaller lungs, an increase in lung cancer, and other cardiovascular and neurological problems.

The highest proportion of child deaths are a result of vehicle accidents.

TfL/ Islington Council's recent proposal does not address the issues and will take over 12 months to fully implement.

We demand TfL/ Islington Council immediately introduce easily implemented measures such as these:

‘No left turn' sign at the corner of Old Street/ Bath Street (coming from the west towards the roundabout.)

Speed cameras to enforce reduced speed (active in daylight hours to avoid light pollution)

Introduce a 'low emission zone' (similar to the Barbican Tunnel)

Better Bunhill’s aim is to protect children's and resident's health and wellbeing.

Help us make TFL/ Islington Council address the issue urgently - now and for the future.

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Signatures: 136Next Goal: 200
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