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Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM): Commit to bold targets & sustained funding in Cycling City Ambition bid.

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Love Your Bike urges people to support Greater Manchester's Cycling City Ambition Grant bid. We believe a great city has to be a safe city for people who cycle.

The primary objective of the bid must be to develop a network of high-quality, segregated cycle routes to connect people to where they want to go. The lack of such a network is the single largest barrier to the growth of mainstream cycling such as can be seen in continental Europe.

We believe that the bid must include ambitious targets for increasing cycling levels in Greater Manchester. We support a target to more than double cycling levels to reach 5% share of trips under 5km by 2018, and then to double this again to 10% by 2025. Such ambition will require Greater Manchester to continue to invest at least £10 per person per year for the 10 years following a successful Cycling City Ambition bid.

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