Bring back express trains between Fremantle and Midland

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Transperth no longer has express trains between Fremantle and Midland which has a huge impact on commuters and families. If you live in Fremantle and work in Perth like many commuters do for instance, this adds 20 minutes each day to your commute. This means 20 minutes less time with your loved ones each day, which doesn’t sound like a lot but when you only get to see your children for 2 hours a day during the working week, those 20 minutes lost are precious.

Why wasn’t the public consulted before making such a drastic change to the train service? This updated timetable affects the majority of the train users. On the Fremantle line most of the passengers board from Fremantle station to catch an express train to their city job. Fremantle station has the largest catchment area including Fremantle and many surrounding suburbs and these users are the most affected. The other stations have a much smaller catchment area and far less passengers per station and these less used stations are the ones that may benefit from the train stopping at every station. 

This updated train timetable has impacted our lives to the point we are now considering a second car to drive to work, which seems backwards in today’s day in age of less cars and better public transport approach.

Public transport is meant to make people’s journeys more efficient and improve quality of life. Transperth’s updated Fremantle / Midland timetable does the opposite of that.

Please bring back the express trains between Fremantle and Midland.