Broadcast MPS Finance, Board of Estimate and Taxation, and Mpls Boards and Commissions!

Broadcast MPS Finance, Board of Estimate and Taxation, and Mpls Boards and Commissions!

June 3, 2022
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Why this petition matters

In a time where where public trust is low and access to information is being made complicated and in some cases denied with public data requests, we need to see what those we pay/elect are doing. It is inequitable, albeist, and a huge barrier when we cannot adequately keep tabs on decision makers. 

We are reorganizing our government structure, a move that consolidates power, school board members have resigned, students and teachers of color have consistently been unsupported and bulldozed by administration and "process", residents feel their money is being misused and in some cases is unaccounted for- there is no shortage of issues and if elected officials and those they direct want to re-establish public trust than we need to take actions to show that they can trust us to conduct OUR business. 

During COVID, meetings were televised so why can we not continue this necessary investment? Not to mention, who is to say we will not have more surges with this or any other virus that would require us to go back to working from home again. This "accordion" method of budgeting is part of why we have so many gaps to fill. We put in and then take it back. The invest then extract cycle is ineffective. 

This is not just a City of Minneapolis issue. This is an issue with MPS as well. We should not have to fight for basic access. The best way to approach this leading up to the preliminary proposed budget coming this month, is to make sure that they hear from us, loud and clear. 

Please consider signing your name to this petition and making sure that they know what the people are demanding and set expectations for what it looks like to have elected officials who show through their policy making and budgetary decisions that they work for us. 

This is not a call out. This is a call in. 


What can I do?

Sign the petition. 


Mayor Frey:
Minneapolis City Council:
Minneapolis Public Schools BOE:

Call Mayor Frey at 612-673-2100. 

Show up to give public testimony. You can track committee meetings and their agendas on Next opportunity Jun 29th, 4 pm, City Hall Mpls, BET Meeting 

With revolutionary respect and love for our community, 

Samantha Pree-Stinson

Ward 1 Minneapolis Resident
Board of Estimate and Taxation Commissioner, President

Support now
Signatures: 213Next Goal: 500
Support now