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Audit and investigate Earthquake Fund in Nepal

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The earthquake in Nepal on April 25 has killed thousands and injured thousands of our fellow Nepalese, destroyed hundreds of homes and buildings, and left thousands in need of help. According to The United Nations reports, an estimated eight million people have been impacted by the earthquake in Nepal and more than 1.4 million people are in need of food assistance. This is one of the most tragic events in the history. The world is shocked and saddened by this tragedy. Heroic efforts are continuing on all fronts to re-establish transportation and communication links with the hardest hit areas, to rescue more victims buried under the rubble, to care for the injured, and to tend to the deceased. The world is standing united to help Nepal at this time and almost every citizen in this planet wants to help Nepal. In the meantime, while global humanitarian organizations are offering help while countries from around the world are pouring monetary donations into Nepal and the list continue. 

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies issued an appeal to raise 33.5 million Swiss francs ($35.2 million) to provide emergency assistance. United Nations, the office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs is releasing $15 million from the U.N.'s emergency relief fund. It expects to issue an appeal for donations from member states later this week. According to the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Washington has committed a total of $10 million for response and recovery efforts. Japan announced a 1 billion yen ($8.4 million) grant and sent rescue personnel. United Kingdom's department for International Development announced a £5 million ($7.6 million) aid package on Sunday; £3 million will be used immediately; £2 million will be given to the British Red Cross. Canada is donating 5 million Canadian dollars ($4.1 million) to aid organizations to help with life-saving efforts. Norway has donated 30 million Norwegian kroner ($3.9 million) for relief efforts. Australia donated 5 million Australian dollars ($3.9 million) and sent experts. European Commission announced €3 million ($3.3 million) in immediate aid money for Nepal on Sunday.

According to the Government of Nepal, all these amounts are deposited into Nepal's Prime Minister's Relief Fund. While the money is deposited into the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, there is currently no effective oversight for the disaster recovery. As we have witnessed in the past, failed leadership has resulted in a high rate of unemployment especially among the youth, a 'chronic' energy problem with daily power outages that has persisted for a long time and continuing to ruin economic activities, water supply shortages, corrupt and fraudulent government institutions, misappropriation of borrowed international loans and economic resources, high inflation due to the decline of the Nepalese Rupees against other foreign currencies, high utility tariffs, shortage of petroleum products due to hoarding and favoritism, shoddy developmental projects, corrupt public officials and security apparatus, low wages, underperforming health system and a rise in nepotism among others. Nepalese home and abroad feel the pinch of these hardships due to the shortage of leadership vision and concrete steps that needs to be taken to address these many problems. Our leaders take advantage of us simply because we stand-by and look on as this maladministration continues. We cannot sit by and just complain without taking any action, now is the time for every Nepalese home and in the diaspora to join forces to let our voices be heard loud and clear. We want aid transparency and accountability which will be critical to recovery efforts. Every “PENNY” must be transparent!!

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