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Transparency, at minimum

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The divisive, haughty, secretive actions of King George and his Dick Cheney’s years did great damage to America's reputation for fairness and due process for all persons charged with crimes. The manufactured "war on terror", that republicans wish to make “unending”, but, won’t be able to, may have helped some Americans swallow Guantanamo, Military Commissions, and denial of due process, but most of the world saw them as a withholding of cherished rights and due process for the accused. In the past, Senators Lieberman, McCain, Graham and others were calling for harshness and denial of due process to those charged with terrorism, criticizing Obama administration for attempting to treat them fairly. These calls must continue to be rejected and shown to be what they really are: a denial of basic human rights. The Obama administration must vigorously resist this barbaric advice, treat terrorism suspects like any other persons charged with crimes, and restore American justice to the high regard it once had all over the world, for our kids; not just humanity.

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