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Transgender NYers Need GENDA Protections! Join the Fight!


The Empire State is severely falling behind in LGBT rights. Sixteen states and over 160 cities and counties nationwide have gender expression non-discrimination protections, but New York State does not.

In fact, it is still legal to discriminate against people because of their gender expression or identity in places of employment, education, housing, and public accommodations, which include banks, bus stations, dentist offices, hospitals, funeral parlors, libraries, hotels, restaurants, and more. Over half of transgender New Yorkers have reported being verbally or physically harassed in public accommodations, which means that thousands of New Yorkers are being persecuted, intimidated, or discriminated against and can be fired, evicted or refused service because of their gender identity.

Passing the Gender Expression Nondiscrimination Act (GENDA) in New York State is the first step toward ending the discrimination that transgender and gender non-conforming people still face.  GENDA is sponsored by NY State Senator Daniel Squadron and NY Assemblymember Richard Gottfried.

While the New York State Assembly has supported the bill in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, the New York State Senate Republican Leadership has refused to bring GENDA to a full vote, despite not costing taxpayers a single dime.  

The Senate’s stand-still position has resulted in unchecked discrimination across New York, and it is time that The Empire State put an end to legal discrimination against transgender people.

Tell the New York Senate that all transgender New Yorkers deserve equal protections in education, employment, credit, housing, and public accommodations.  Let's fix New York State's failing record on transgender rights. Please sign and share and follow our progress at

Letter to
Governor Andrew Cuomo
New York State Senate
I stand with thousands of New Yorkers who support the rights of transgender people in our state. Without GENDA New York State's record on transgender rights will continue to be tarnished.

The need for this bill is indisputable:

• 3 in 4 transgender New Yorkers have experienced harassment or mistreatment on the job
• 1 in 6 transgender New Yorkers have been refused medical care due to their gender identity or expression
• 1 in 5 transgender New Yorkers have been fired because of their gender identity or expression
• 1 in 5 transgender New Yorkers were denied a home or apartment because of their gender identity or expression
• 5 in 10 transgender New Yorkers have been verbally harassed or discriminated against in a public accommodation.

To date, 16 states and over 160 cities and counties nationwide have successfully implemented gender expression non-discrimination protections, including many cities and counties in New York. In addition, many law enforcement officials have publically testified in favor of GENDA. Albany Chief of Police Steven Krokoff stated, “We have had these protections in place in the city of Albany going on over a decade, and I’m pleased to say it’s helped in a number of areas, not only in the protection of transgender individuals, but in our ability to create a safe atmosphere for all citizens of Albany.”

It is time to usher in an era of true equality across The Empire State.

Please listen to the urgent calls for comprehensive statewide protections for transgender New Yorkers and take action. New York State must protect all of its citizens regardless of gender expression or identity. Let's restore our state's progressive reputation by passing GENDA in New York.

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