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The problem we address is that Americans (as do many populations) suffer from a lack of honest information, which is having increasingly profound negative effects around the world given our nation's influence and might.

This petition--and our hope-- could easily be seen as insignificant in relation to the magnitude of the problem.  However, what you are able to do, by signing this petition, is send a message to New Media Ventures (NMV) which funds companies solving the problem of a lack of honest information in U.S. society.  Your signature on this petition will encourage NMV to fund The Reader Magazine's plans to dramatically improve U.S. society by creating a totally new information source, which reaches all persons in the U.S. with the most valuable information, free.  

Countless instances in history teach that sometimes massive systemic change comes from small, collective actions and so we encourage you to sign today!  

To know more on why I care about this, read on... this is my story.    

On a Summer day in 1961, my parents first met in a tiny office of what would grow to become one of the largest humanitarian organizations in the world, World Vision.  There, my mom wrote and designed some of its first pamphlets sent to raise money for some of the world's most marginalized people. She and my father, a teacher, taught my two older brothers and I that a message can change the world and that the highest form of success was to live for others. 

Perhaps like you, from the time I understood what images of suffering meant, I hoped to be able to do something to prevent what I saw from repeating.  A defining chapter in my life was at around the age of 11, seeing images of the Holocaust in the mid-seventies when ABC broadcast a TV movie on this event. 

When I was 27, I visited Krakow Poland and then visited Auschwitz and Birkenau. I walked past wooden bunks, barracks, gurneys, stacks of suitcases, glasses and mountains of hair left on display from a transport from Holland. At Birkenau, I walked down some of the steps of the half-destroyed gas chambers, dynamited by departing German soldiers, and imagined the scenes that had took place there.

As I grew, it occurred to me that societies which collapsed and human suffering in general was in a large part the failure of information to be good enough and flow free enough for people to know what to do.  Over the years I came to believe that to improve the integrity and free flow of information would put to use my gifts more than anything else I could do. 

In 2001, in an unused bedroom in Redlands, California I founded The Reader Magazine, a printed news magazine which slowly grew over time and today is one of the larger circulation publications in California, mailed to 390,000 people in Southern California.  

As I and the team at The Reader believe reaching people with quality information is the factor upon which so much rests, we are expanding The Reader Magazine nationwide-- in the hope of creating an information source that brings to every person, free, the most valuable information.

This same plan would bring honest information to the 119 million Americans-- more than one out of three-- that do not have broadband Internet.  Over time, sharing honest information with those who have missed out (and continue to miss out) on the Internet's capacity to inform would arguably lead to greater equality of opportunity.  

Just today, we applied for something called the New Media Ventures Innovation Fund, which will provide, if we won, something like seed capital for turning this dream into reality.   New Media Ventures is a non-profit organization that identifies for-profit companies and non-profit social enterprises with plans to improve society through a focus on media innovation. We weren't planning on asking anyone to support our application but right after we pressed "submit" we were invited to share the fact we applied with others.  

I created this petition at to give you the chance to be part of the story of changing the nation-- and world-- by changing its information.

Our team has spent years in creating an extremely precise and thorough strategic, operational and financial plan for creating dramatic, positive change in U.S. society which our New Media Ventures application briefly describes.  

We live in a time of openness where we can share information.  But there is evidence that our civil liberties, political system and financial wherewithal is not increasing, but decreasing.  Many people-- including me-- don't enjoy talking about this or admit it because to do so is to admit one’s weakness or diminishment in society.  But silence and inaction is not an option for free people wanting to preserve  freedom in a society for all. 

In history, there are examples of periods of openness in a society followed by periods of closure and darkness.  Before the darkness, people had the opportunity to do something that might be absolutely essential to preserve what worked in society and protect it from it breaking down. 

One of the most powerful and far-reaching things we can do to maintain the structure of those parts of our society we believe in is to support the free-flow of quality information to as many people as possible.  Doing so it makes it infinitely more difficult for anyone to harm society by making them have to go up against something which no person or country can long battle and overcome-- the truth.

Please sign our petition and encourage New Media Venture's principal, Julie Menter, and her team to support The Reader Magazine.    

If you'd like more information on the projected positive social, economic, environmental and political impact we expect from successfully creating for the first time in US history, a free information source provided to all persons in the US, see this document.  To learn more about my personal motivations read Lest We Forget. Warning: It’s a long read!

The Reader, like, Seventh Generation, and 1,812 other companies around the world, is a certified B-corporation, which meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.  The Reader is also a California benefit corporation, a type of for-profit corporate entity, that includes positive impact on society and the environment in addition to profit as its legally defined goals.


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