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Transform Chicago Dept Public Health


Chicago’s Logan Square Kitchen is a shared commercial kitchen made available to food entrepreneurs on an hourly basis. Farmer’s market vendors, wholesale bakers, small artisanal producers, and caterers can start a business in a commercial kitchen long before they could afford it.  It allows people to start their own business with less risk, and serves as an economic engine for our community.

As an innovative business model, we have been inspected by the Health Dept. 19 times in less than 2 years, five times more than the Chicago Health code requires.  As a result, many businesses are not inspected, while non-hazardous micro-enterprises are over-inspected.  So, we're FED UP.

We look forward to offering this petition to City officials that we believe will foster economic development while better allocating Health Dept. resources.

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  • Chicago Mayor Emanuel & Health Commissioner Couchair

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