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Transfer the chimpanzees used in shows in Schwaben Park to a suitable shelter.

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From the Great Ape Project (GAP / PGS-Spain) we request the corresponding authorities on animal welfare and theme park management of SCHWABEN PARK that the chimpanzees used in their shows must be immediately transferred to a suitable shelter so as to recover from the physical and psychological damage this theme park is causing them and so that they can have a decent life.

SCHWABEN PARK, located in the forest Welzheimer, Baden-Wurttemberg, about 45 kilometers northeast of Stuttgart, Germany, has held, among other animals, dozens of chimpanzees in appalling conditions.

After a thorough investigation conducted by the German branch of Animal Equality it has clearly been revealed that chimpanzees have been exposed to non-stop abuse, forced to act silly stunts on a daily basis and to perform tricks of their kind,  This type of show only ridicules animals by treating them as objects, while they are humiliated and cruelly enslaved for life. Animals should not be treated as clowns in a society that claims to be civilized.

These 44 chimpanzees live locked in small premises where they behave abnormally and repetitively as a direct result of stress, anxiety and lack of stimulation in this German park. We can appreciate numerous wounds on their bodies and no hair in some areas in a number of them, which suggests the lack of proper veterinary care.

Mothers has been used for breeding more chimpanzees and immediately after that mother and son had been separated so as to be raised by humans, breaking a very important link between a chimpanzee and her baby. Such distance creates irreparable negative effects for a mother which would other never separate from her baby and would even give her life for him in case of danger, just like a mother of our own species would do with her own child.

Based on data provided by Animal Equality, these apes are subjected to degrading and inhuman treatment by the direction of the park and its carers. The purpose of education is no- existent, since a chimpanzee would never behave the same way in the wild, and this park only seeks economic profit, just like any zoo. We believe there are more effective and ethical ways of knowing the behaviour of any animal of any kind and we are strongly opposed to any kind of show in which animals are used.

We demand based on the evidence provided by Animal Equality (more than 500 minutes of video footage and 350 photographs )   to put a stop to the abuse of these animals so that the can have a decent quality of life, and so that they cease to be used and enslaved in such cruel and outdated shows and that their fundamental rights (right to life and freedom as well as not to be abused physically or psychologically) are respected. We also urge the need for them to be taken to a sanctuary or a proper shelter where they can live undisturbed for the rest of their lives.

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