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Tranquilizer Guns Not Revolvers

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The senseless murder of Pit bulls without provocation simply because of their breed is unacceptable.  Gage, a 18-month old pit-bull was brutally shot and killed by Millcreek Police Department while swinging in a tree for no other reason than his genetic make-up.  Gage was a friendly, loving dog that loved to play in trees to make people laugh, release his energy, and most of all to get attention.  He got loose Friday September 20, 2013 and wandered a block away from his home.  A neighborhood animal lover called animal enforcement so that he could be returned to his owner.  She stated that she wasn't afraid of Gage but had concerns because she didn't know the dog and there were other dogs and children in the neighborhood.  He had jumped up on her for attention twice and when she told him to get down he did, a sign that he was non-aggressive.  Another witness said that he was behind her granddaughter and when she turned around and saw him at first she was startled but began petting him.  Other children started petting him also and he showed no signs of aggression toward them.  He began jumping up and swinging on the caller's tree branches as he always did to please his crowd.  The caller stated she stayed close by him so that if he left, she could tell them his direction so they could get him back home to his family.   When animal control and the police department showed up he was still in the tree.  They summoned all of the bystanders to the other side of the street .  The property owner saw the officer pull out a gun and states she told him "Don't shoot that dog."  He responded "it's a tranquilizer gun," he lied, it was a bullet.  He shot Gage center mass in the chest while swinging in the tree causing him to fly approximately 15-20 feet across her lawn.  Evidence of the way the tree branch snapped may indicate the branch still in his mouth when  the force of the gunshot jolted him backwards toward her residence.  The bullet exited his back, which was facing her house, putting everyone inside the dwelling in imminent danger.  She was traumatized by the brutal murder of this innocent pet and was in hysteria as she had to clean up pools of blood in her yard.  She anticipated that they would arrive, put a snare collar on him, and get him back to his owner. That is the main reason why she called, not to have him shot.  The police have been fabricating stories of aggression and potential attacks contrary to eye witness accounts of the events.  Please sign this petition to send a clear message to the Millcreek Police Department that using lethal force on Pit bulls because of their breed is unacceptable, unless there is a clear and imminent danger of life.  Swinging from a tree is not a sign of aggression and does not deserve the death penalty.  Gage was somebody's pet, child, family member and friend that liked to play in trees, not a vicious criminal that needed to die.


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