This Petition of Victorian residents implores the Legislative Assembly of Victoria to abandon plans for a costly and unsustainable East West Toll Road and Tunnel in favour of funding urgently needed public transport priorities including the Doncaster Rail Link.

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Letter to
Parliament of Victoria Legislative Assembly of Victoria
I would like to draw to the attention of the House my strong disagreement with the decision by the government to announce its intention to fund and proceed with constructing an expensive new East West Toll Road and Tunnel ahead of much-needed public transport infrastructure such as the Doncaster, Rowville and Airport rail links.

I am disappointed by the government’s stance on vital public transport infrastructure.

Here is my stance on the issue:

YES to Doncaster Rail Link
NO to East West Toll Road and Tunnel

The East West Toll Road will NOT solve Melbourne’s congestion issues. Only about 20% of vehicles using the Eastern Freeway everyday actually travel across the city to the west.

The remaining 80% exit to inner Melbourne areas for access to jobs and services. An East West Toll Road will make congestion at Hoddle Street and Chandler Highway exits even worse through induced traffic and as people try to avoid the tolled tunnel.

An East West Toll Road and Tunnel will also cause untold social and environmental damage to the inner northern suburbs and Royal Park parklands.

Improving Melburnians access to public transport is the only sustainable solution. We urge you to see sense and fund worthy public transport alternatives that are more financially, environmentally and socially responsible options. Over the years, the demand for public transport has gone up dramatically, clearly showing that the Victorian people want more public transport.

I do not support a toll road that would only benefit a small portion of Victorians, and that is being prioritised over already overdue public transport infrastructure additions. I support the building of public transport infrastructure such as the Doncaster Rail Link. It would be safer, faster, and can be built along with other rail and public transport projects for less than a toll road and tunnel.

A Doncaster Rail will take up to 800 vehicles per train off our roads. 800 vehicles stuck in traffic is equivalent to a single traffic lane spanning 3.7 kilometres. Travel time from Doncaster to the city by rail would take about 20 minutes – compared to over an hour by car in peak times.
This is not just my opinion, but also the opinion of other Victorian residents, public transport organisations and experts. Time and time again, reports supporting these points have been released, but the government has ignored them.

I therefore request that the Legislative Assembly of Victoria abandon plans to build the East West Toll Road and commission instead the Doncaster Rail Link and other public transport projects.

Finally, I also urge you to be open and transparent and release the business case for the east-west road link to enable proper scrutiny by transport professionals and the community.

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