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Everybody might have faced this problem on their mobiles at one time or other... while using mobile data.

Entire Main balance, getting looted, by the service providers after our data balance got exhausted. 

When we are using the internet on our mobiles, if unknowingly our data balance gets exhausted, then our service providers will send message that "charges will be debited from your main balance". ( sometimes they don't even send this )

But, generally we don't concentrate on this message and we still continue using internet. Then net charges (at very high cost) will be debited from our main balance and entire main balance amount will be diminished within few minutes of data usage. Thereby everybody is getting cheated  by the Telecom service providers. 

For this, I request "TRAI" to direct the Telecom service providers to provide net connectivity, only when they have "Net balance". If the Net balance is exhausted, immediately net connection should be failed and no rupee from main balance talk time should be used for Data connection. If any body wants to get data balance immediately, they can opt for "Net balance" through STV from their main balance and they also have a facility of getting data balance loan for a short duration. So, there is no fear of not having MOBILE DATA  when the plan is finished.

Please sign my petition and let us not get cheated further.