Airtel’s worst network connectivity and their negligence to resolve

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I have been a customer of Airtel India since past 7-8 years. As a postpaid Customer I have been paying a bill of ₹800/- approx every month, mostly for the internet. 

Airtel claims to be the fastest and the smartest 4g network by their non stop advertisement whereas from last 2 months I hardly get 4g speed on my iPhone 7, there’s always a 3G. And the speed is non existent worse than 2g (you can check the speed in the image attached above, I cannot even browse the Internet with download speed of 0.18 mbps, whereas they claim to give 42mbps on their website. 

Gave numerous calls to their customer care, have been continuously tweeting on the Twitter page, swapped the sim, reinserted the sim did everything they asked me to but still the problem remains the same and their negligence to the whole issue, their inability to resolve the issue and guts to still send me a bill charging for a internet services boils my blood. 

And it’s not only me, my sister, many of my friends using Airtel are facing the same issue. Also, I have been through their Twitter page and there are tons of others who are facing the same issue and Airtel’s negligence to resolve the network issue. 

It’s time that big telecom companies like Airtel stop fooling their customers and TRAI interferes in the issue and give us what we are paying for and are not cheated because we are the customers. 

Sign my petition if you’re facing the same issue and want value for your money.