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TRAFFIC: Why so secretive with your A’famosa orangutan report?

Traffic South-east Asia (funded by WWF among others) have at all times been aware of the campaign we have been waging against A’famosa, the resort which kept orangutans in barbaric indoor cages for over a year.

Traffic only ever focus on the illegal wildlife trade. Then last year for some mysterious reason they will not explain, Traffic worked covertly with the infamous Perhilitan – the Malaysian wildlife authorities alleged to be riddled with corruption.

Perhilitan appear to have wanted some ‘soft’ conservation people to endorse their moving orangutans back to A’famosa. On the face of it, something you would never, ever, expect Traffic of all people to get involved with. So why did they? Hmnn..

Despite numerous requests to the SE Asia head of Traffic to make public his organisation’s report on A’Famosa, they refuse to do so. Rightly or wrongly this suggests Traffic have something to hide.

What we are talking about here is a conservation group refusing to be transparent in its dealings with a known illegal wildlife trader and a thoroughly disgraced government department.

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TRAFFIC Southeast Asia Regional Director William Schaedla
TRAFFIC Southeast Asia
Prime minister of Malaysia Dato' Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak
William Schaedla
Traffic, South-east Asia.

Dear Mr. Schaedla,

Why is Traffic south-east Asia being so secretive with its A’Famosa Assessment Report? You know A’famosa was once caught dealing in illegally obtained wild-caught orangutans don’t you? You also know A’Famosa abused orangutans’ for 12 months with the complicity of Perhilitan don’t you?

So why would Traffic, an illegal wildlife trade monitoring group, help the government move orangutans back to this resort?

Other animal welfare and illegal trade issues remain unanswered at A’famosa, as Traffic knows all too well.

Will Traffic send me a copy of its A’Famosa Assessment Report?

Was Traffic paid to help Perhilitan and A’famosa?

Have Traffic approved the return of orangutans to the Afamosa Golf Resort?

Are Traffic working with Perhilitan on other zoo issues when it should be investing all its resources on investigating the rampant illegal wildlife trade?

Traffic want Perhilitan to behave transparently, but then Traffic itself refuses to disclose information in the public interest.

Traffic benefits from public money. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to expect Traffic to answer questions of genuine public concern is it? The questions I ask are reasonable and relate to an issue I have long held an interest in. If you won’t produce the A’famosa Assessment Report as well as answer my questions, you leave me no choice but to ask the same of your sponsors.

Yours sincerely,

A Friend of the Orangutans

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