Reckless Kolkata BUS drivers killing pedestrians every other day

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Common man and pedestrians are getting killed or injured every other day due to reckless driving of BUSES in Kolkata. The children and the AGED are under serious risk. The day before yesterday (Friday, 22nd February) we lost one of our beloved grandmother Aruna Chakraborty, age 71 years. She was getting down from the government bus 53 B at Taratala. KMC ward number 80. The bus driver did not ensure that she got down safely, instead run over her. She passed away.

Be it government buses or private buses they are merciless on road. They drive recklessly at the highest of speeds on the busiest of roads and in the busiest of hours. This sight is horrible to view at and many a times pedestrians are saved by dint of a hair. This is no one-off incident. Lives are in jeopardy every other day.

The totally unsafe practices going on each day:

  1. The private buses of the same route rushing against each other and overtaking.
  2. There is no defined spot to take in passengers and drop them. May be stoppages are there but hardly anyone follows that stringently. The drivers drops the passengers anywhere they feel like.
  3. It is very frequently observed that the buses would stop in the middle of the road and in a skewed fashion to block the passage of the competing bus and drop the passengers then and there forcefully.
  4. There is no mandatory assistance while getting up/down from buses for the elderly or kids.
  5. The passengers inside these buses are silent and enjoy these high speed and reckless rides until there is a mishap.
  6. There are also times when these otherwise silent passengers creates immense pressure on the drivers by yelling at them and prompting them to drive abnormally fast. Note these private buses are determined to pull in unlimited passengers and in doing so they later on compensates these yelling passengers.
  7. At nights these bus drivers drive even more dangerously. They care about none and hardly there are any traffic police to check that. Even at a busy place like Taratala, these accidents keep on happening.
  8. Many a times these happens right under the eyes of Kolkata Traffic Police or else there is no Traffic Police at all.

I request the state government and the Kolkata Traffic Police to do the needful. I also request every citizen to act responsibly and raise voice whenever they see such irresponsible acts from these drivers/conductors. Definitely respond before any mishap.

The loss is only beared by the family. Only they can feel this pain. Only they suffer. These unprecedented incidents takes the person forever. All hopes for the family ends. Its not just one person dies because of this, the entire family suffers because of someone elses sheer hurry, ignorance and casual fun. These are national lossess.

Some thoughts or solutions that will definitely help to improve:

  1. Increase awareness of passengers through radio and television advertises/announcements so that the passengers act responsibly and protest against these drivers and conductors.
  2. Put up mandatory notices on every bus plying in the city to assist elders and kids while getting up and getting down from the buses safely. Ensure they are assissted. Ensure they are at safe distance before the buses start again.
  3. Put up mandatory notices on every plying bus for passengers not to yell, shout, use foul languages or create undue pressure on the drivers.
  4. Limit the number of passengers to a healthy count.
  5. Deploy more mobile and static traffic police at night. This area needs immediate attention.
  6. Pick ups and drops should be only from designated areas.
  7. Very strict traffic rules and enforcement for buses, shuttle and autos.
  8. Buses and shuttles should be heavily penalized for overspeeding and racing.
  9. Have slowly closing doors on all buses. Buses must not be able to start until the door closes. Bus needs to stop fully for the doors to open.
  10. Put up banners, hoardings etc. all around the city for the general mass to develop respect, consideration and kindness towards the elderlies and those who needs attention and care on the roads.

Please sign this petition and help ourselves make the roads a safer place for everyone including the helpless. Let no family suffer due to some unknown drivers/conductors whim. Let the nation not lose its resources.