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Rash Driving can be threat to life of others- Treat the offense as attempt to murder.

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This petition is related to citizens who are facing harassment on road because of vehicle drivers who don't follow traffic rules and often this lead to risking our lives and loosing confidence to drive too. Also leading to traffic jams issues. 

Delhi is a city with high traffic volume and is filled with people who violate traffic rules like driving on wrong side, jumping the red light and rash driving, also no sense of lane driving. The problem of slow driving in middle of the lanes is as big a problem as rash driving. This leads to further creating bottle neck for traffic situation in Delhi. But the biggest issue is that people just drive on the road as per the convenience  they have. Its easy to get away with either not being caught or only fined a small amount or sometimes, even getting away without paying it.

I am one of the women driver in Delhi who started driving couple of years back because of my job, poor and unsafe public transport, and insecure Delhi environment for women. In-spite of being a responsible driver, I am being harassed for following traffic rules by fellow drivers who are non-followers of rules. they get away with it easily.

The worst was few days back when a man (car number displayed in the picture) just felt it comfortable to drive pass the wrong side rather than waiting for the red light to turn green and at a speed that made fellow drivers life and cars at risk. This happened in crowded and secured cantonment area of Delhi. Because of his attitude three cars bumped into each other and were damaged badly, I was the only women driver. As it was getting dark I could not wait longer to find justice for myself, but probably he got away without any penalty to pay or just a small fine charged by traffic police on the spot. His casual attitude would have killed people if we had  a two wheeler driver in the traffic between the cars. He would have still got away.

Why are such people not tried for attempt to murder? So many people die on road because of such drivers. Why is action to be taken only after someone is dead. 

I appeal for a strict action against such rash drivers and traffic violators. Appeal for making striker rules and they should be charged under attempt to murder. Just higher fines are not sufficient, more serious attitude is required against such offenders. It should be treated as CRIME. 

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