Be the CHANGE you want to see on ROADS

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We call ourselves a smart and modernized citizen. But currently, jumping red lights, over-speeding, obstructing other vehicles and last but not the least treating pedestrians like STRAYS are some of the modernized traits we possess.

Why don't we comprehend the fact that a mere 5-10 mins delay is NOT going to affect our schedule? Breaking the law on roads will not going to make you a hero but surely put you under the category of "EDUCATED FOOLS"

Our country could become as beautiful as other modern nations like Singapore. There you can witness by your own eyes why they are miles ahead of us. As there, people just like us are strictly SELF-disciplined and law-abiding citizens who know and respect the fact that every person on the road whether walking or in a vehicle has the equal right to move safe and sound. Like, they stop their vehicle before zebra-crossing, strictly drive in their lanes and even in any slightest delay they PATIENTLY wait and NEVER obstructs or crossover in other lanes that's why even their jam on roads hardly last for 5-10 mins. Unlike in our country where we stretch the jam from 10-15 mins to 1 hour or so due to our IMPATIENT behavior.

All we need is PATIENCE that we lack the most. This has to change and this change will start from you. We the people of India are the FACE of this growing nation and no one likes the untidy face. 

Therefore, I insist each and every citizen of India to pledge that from today I will FOLLOW the Road Rules, also DO NOT LITTER on roads and set a positive example for others.

Guys this entire nation is your home and once you feel it you will treat it as your home.

Ultimately, I assure you that those days are not far enough when our country will actually look as beautiful and as green as are the western one's. Only if, we the educated and civilized people of this country pledge to follow the TRAFFIC RULES which are made only for our safety and treat our nation as a single HOME.