Trader Joe's, Please Switch to Bulk Bins

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The plastic problem is getting out of control. It is up to grocery stores to make the change to positively shift culture away from plastic.

Trader Joe's houses everything in plastic, including produce. They already buy everything in bulk in order to keep costs low for the consumer, which is why we love them so. Why not keep it in bulk?

The systems need to change from the top down, and Trader Joe's is a powerful force that touches many people's lives on a daily basis. Be a pioneer, set a precedent for other grocery stores to follow. People's behaviors will change and adapt, and it will instill awareness about plastic's true lifecycle.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and garbage getting shipped off to Malaysia from the U.S. to be sorted. This is the truth of the waste situation in this country.

We need change. 

Check out the accompanying piece I wrote about this on my Medium account:
Trader Joe's is Not Environmentally Friendly

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