Tell Trader Joe's: no more Palm Oil

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I know I'm not alone when I say I love Trader Joe's stores with a fierceness bordering on obsession. Us Frequent Flyers likely have 5 favorite products they can only find at TJ's and associate Hawaiian shirts with friendly helpfulness.

Like many of you, I have grown to view palm oil as a menace. I first heard about palm oil's effects with regards to orangutan habitat destruction, but the list of sins continues: Human rights violations abound on palm oil plantations, Indigenous peoples have been forcibly removed from their lands, and estimates show that palm oil-based pollution is both relentless and accelerating. Indonesia, the world’s largest producer of palm oil, temporarily surpassed the United States in terms of greenhouse gas emissions in 2015.


Trader Joe's has a unique opportunity to cease the supply of palm-oil containing products in its stores, since 80% of its products are store-brand.


Trader Joe's has stepped up in the past, monitoring their supply chain for possible connections to human trafficking and slavery. We ask that they extend their oversight to palm oil in the light of this new threat.


If we place enough pressure on one grocery chain to cease carrying palm oil-containing products, especially in a chain known for its customer loyalty, it would be extremely impactful. The attention this would garner could surely accelerate palm oil abstention. Please sign if you believe Cookie Butter would be even better without palm oil!