Give Trader Joe’s Employees Hazard Pay

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We are the employees of America’s favorite neighborhood market. We are always treating our customers with respect and compassion. It is time that Trader Joe’s does the same for us. During the COVID-19 epidemic we’ve been on the front lines dealing with the public. All we want is to be paid fairly for this. We are asking for Hazard Pay at time and a half. No one could have predicted this situation what so ever. 

Earlier this month a petition circulated trying to convey the same message. Our corporate offices have tried to downplay it as a ploy to become unionized. I’m taking the liberty of showing that it is only about our in store employees being fairly compensated. They’ve set up a “bonus pool” as a counter offer, but that doesn’t help us unless we are a high volume store. We have many crew members who are happy to get anything, but we all know that this is the least they can do.

There are thousands of Crew Members, Mates, and Captains throughout the country. We all should be getting paid hazard pay for the time being, and until further notice. We are putting our own health, and the health of our loved ones at stake. Currently there are many crew members that are on an unpaid leave. 

We are demanding the following:

  • Pay all In-Store employees hazard pay at time and a half. 
    Paid leave for employees that are high risk or living with someone who is. 
  • Guaranteed insurance for employees on leave until further notice. 
    Remove the 30 hour minimum requirement for health insurance to protect your crew. 
  • If a store employee contracts COVID-19, pay all possibly  exposed employees for a 14 day quarantine for the health and safety of crew and customers. 

Many of our crew members are the only ones in their households working at this time. It is time you show your solidarity, and compassion if “Integrity” is truly your #1 core value. Many of us feel like we’re being taken advantage of. Crew members that have been here for years are even saying they can’t believe this is how you’re handling the current situation. We just want to be treated fairly. Especially considering that we are so essential to our communities. 



Your Local TJ’s Crew Member