Buy California Avocados, Save Monarchs

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Monarchs are one of the only species of butterfly to migrate annually, flying 3000 miles to Mexico to overwinter.  They have to overwinter on the oyamel firs, cloud forests which grow at the right altitude for the butterflies not to freeze to death; they are located in only a few isolated forests in Michoacan, Mexico. Unfortunately, avocados also grow at the same altitude, and FDA regulations require that Mexican avocados be imported from Michoacan. Eighty percent of avocados found in the United States are grown in Michoacan. This means that avocado farmers deforest the oyamel trees monarchs need to overwinter on, destroying their habitat. Monarchs' migration is already threatened, and, if humans continue to threaten their habitat, monarchs may be declared endangered.

Stores that sell avocados must do their part for these pollinators by buying only California avocados; stores could label these avocados as monarch-friendly, which would help customer relations by showing that they care about important causes. The FDA must also remove its regulation on Michoacan avocados, or people will continue to eat avocados until there are no more monarchs. If we can't save these pollinators and beautiful animals, what pollinators can we save?