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Stop false citations! We are losing our innocent dogs!

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Hello, and I'd first like to thank you for looking into this. My dogs Coby and Harley are the sweetest dogs I know. Even my little cousins, who are scared of dogs, love to come over and play with them. Although recently we have begun to recieve threats from an unknown neighbor that our dogs have been barking and that we need to do something about it.

First of all, I know that we all have those neighbors with the dog that barks every second of the day, but that's not Coby nor Harley. We encounter this first-handedly, our adjacent neighbors have two dogs who bark at all times of the day, and provoke our own dogs to bark. I have even witnessed our neighbor with his dogs on our lawn aggravating our dogs, by coming up to our fence. The thing that had worried me was the fact that any one of my neighbors can call the police and have them take our dogs away for barking. Although to my relief the local animal shelter had informed us that they can only fine us if our dogs are barking for a prolonged amount of time. I knew this would never happen, because our dogs never bark longer than 5 minutes on their own.

Now the police department is fining us for over 300$ for 'excessive' noise. The officer vaguely states being on the scene for 30 minutes and our dogs were barking for twenty. Coby and Harley NEVER bark for more than five minutes unless provoked. In the write-up that was found on our screen door it had descriptions of our dogs, this requires the officer to get very close to our property, or to even look over the fence to see our dogs, thus provoking them. This officer had written up a citation because she knew no one would be able to question her authority. I know my dogs, and I know this officer was cutting corners, and now it is costing us money we cannot afford to lose. I want to prevent this from occurring to anyone else, it is not fair that one person has enough power to put a fine on someone without even giving the target a chance to defend themself.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my petition.

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